17th October 2014

Oh dear... See this announcement from N3V about a significant delay to the release of Trainz A New Era (T:ANE). Not a complete surprise to those of us who have been following events, guess those who have handed over money to the Kickstarter or (on my case) pre-ordered will have something to use in December. Whether or not it resembles the promised product or can be used in lieu of it for route building etc. until the retail version comes along...remains to be seen.

7th July 2014


Further to my note below about being able to order the next version of Trainz, some revelations this morning urge me to suggest anyone proposing to to do proceeds with caution:

Firstly, N3V are selling the game in three distinct versions - Standard, Collectors and Deluxe versions. Only the Deluxe version gets all the new routes and content and this is of course much more expensive than the Standard version which I ordered. The Standard edition only includes four routes though I remain convinced when I placed the order all of the routes were listed. Apart from potentially misleading sales information, this is a piss poor move by N3V as it means anyone with just the Standard edition will not be able to run a route created by someone with the Deluxe version if it references assets only found in the latter. We are back to the Trainz Classics debacle again.

Secondly, the Planet Auran account page does not contain any button or other visible means of cancelling a pre-order. Personally I would have thought this to be against any reasonable trading standard or law, regardless of territory - it's bad enough they are taking money five months ahead but even worse there is no easy way of getting it back if you decide to cancel.

So tread carefully, my friends.

4th July 2014

N3V have fired their salvo in the train sim war and opened up pre-orders for their next version of Trainz, aka T:ANE.

Follow the link from their front page:

Including shipping to the UK, current price via Paypal in GBP works out at £31.18 for the standard boxed edition. If you are content with the Download version, take off around £8 for shipping. Although pre-ordering so early met some resistance from SWMBO (she threatened to unplug the computer!) ordering with Paypal or a credit card presumably provides protection against N3V going belly up between now and December.

1st July 2014

I have just released a short route for TS2014 (Railworks), based on the Strawberry Line Miniature Railway in Keynsham, near Bristol. This is a concept I intend to follow over the next few months - taking a miniature (or model) railway plan and scaling up to full 12" to 1ft size in the sim. Having produced the aforementioned route for TS2014, I intend to make the next one a Trainz-TS12 project. In the meantime, if you want to try the Strawberry Line it is being hosted at the new TrainSimDev site - free download, no subscriptioon required though you will need to have the original Kuju UK/European asset set and IOW DLC to run it.

7th May 2014

Another route in my Trainz collection. Actually in this case it's a complete rebuild of an old one - the Sulitjelma Railway. Now built as a narrow gauge route in TS12 Version 61388 (SP1 HF4), can be downloaded from the file library at Assets for the route are either built in to TS12 or need to be obtained from the N3V Download station. The route also references several assets from the S&C2009 and Murchison 2 DLC but these are not essential to get it running.

28th February 2014

After a dearth of routes being produced by myself in 2013, this year has got off to a great start with two being released for Trainz TS12 in quick succession.

The first is "Hallgarth and Fiddlers Yard", a small narrow gauge line in the "Model Railroadz" style, a new craze currently sweeping the Trainz world. It's on the DLS and either search by name or KUID which is: 30024:100025 .

Hot on the heels of that is a more prototype based route - "Chmura Forest". This is a loose adaptation of a narrow gauge line in Eastern Europe (Slovakia) but rebuilt as Russian broad gauge to utilise the assets available in Trainz. KUID for this one is: 30024:100115 .

Both routes use built in assets or assets from the DLS. Note that Hallgarth was built in TS12 version 49922 whereas Chmura was built in the latest version 61388, which I figure is the best means to futureproof forward compatability into T:ANE.

25th December 2013

Decided to give the front page a spring clean and all the old news has now been archived.

Happy Christmas to all site visitors and hope Santa brought you plenty of train sim goodies for the stocking, or these days the digital download stocking... :)

13th December 2013 (Friday the 13th!!)

A few snippets of news. First up is that have announced the company will now be known as Dovetail Games. In addition to further developing their train simulator franchise, they are also looking to expand into other simulation genres. Goodie gum drops. Further information here.

In other news, N3V have now passed theitr initial Kickstarter figure of AUS$165,000 to fund the next version of Trainz. Of course that is still subject to withdrawn or defaulted pledges but hopefully means N3V can now put our money to work where their mouth is and demonstrate they can build a worthy successor rather than another sticking plaster exercise.

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