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Welcome to Transport Simulation UK, which is a replacement and follow up to the old Trainsim UK (aka Vern's Rail Pages) closed down in 2005 and incorporating my Trainsim Museum pages from Geocities. This new site is a fresh start and while information on the old programmes is maintained, the intervening period has seen many changes and exciting developments in the transport game genre and the focus will be on covering these. Ultimately, I hope to expand the scope of the site to cover not only railway orientated simulation but other forms of transport too.

The aim is to provide a relaxed and informative site, suitable for the whole family. Objective and informed features and reviews of the main software titles will be added as time permits, as will be any important news. Although the hobby is now a thriving mass market concern offering big business opportunities for developers, there is no room for complacency and the ongoing lobby for new and improved titles will continue.

I have also regained my enthusiasm for third party asset creation - subject to availability of time - watch for announcements and details of any projects on the main site.

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