Swindon to Cirencester for Trainz TS12

This is a route designed to run in Trainz TS12. Hosted on the Auran DLS it makes use only of default (built in) assets or those which can be readily obtained from the Auran (N3V) Download Station aka DLS. Due to the number of assets required, an Auran First Class Ticket for the DLS is recommended.

Swindon to Cirencester is actually a 14 mile section of the old Midland and South Western Junction Railway (MSWJR) which ran from Andoversford in Gloucestershire to Andover in Hampshire, passing through Cirencester, Swindon and Marlborough. The line closed to traffic in 1961, much of the old trackbed around Swindon has been converted into a walking/cycle track and a small section near Blunsdon has been restored to operational use by the Swindon and Cricklade Railway. Building the complete MSWJR as a historical route was a bit above my paygrade (so to speak) so I decided to do a "what if?" version, that the current Swindon and Cricklade operation had managed to extend over a larger portion of route than they currently or propose to do.

My version of the railway therefore runs from a location in West Swindon just short of Westmead Industrial Estate where the current footpath ends, through Cricklade and the Cotswold Water Park to Cirencester. This has required a certain amount of "imagineering" on my part as in some places the trackbed has vanished, particularly at Cricklade where a feeder road for a 1970's housing estate now follows its course. Many compromises have been made in preparing the route and it's been done entirely to have a bit of fun with - in particular I must state that I have no association with the real life Swindon to Cricklade Railway nor is the route I've created indicative of their plans, which I believe are to ultimately run the section from Mouldon Hill to Cricklade.

In the meantime, here's a few screenshots to whet the appetite...

The station and terminus at West Swindon.
Mouldon Hill station, adjacent to the country park.
Blunsdon Station.
Hayes Knoll station.
What Cricklade station might look like.
South Cerney Station
Running through the North Wiltshire countryside.

A number of compromises have been made in order to arrive at a working end result...

After being unable to get GWR semaphores working correctly I have used UK colour light signals.

The use of advance warning boards for speed restrictions was slowing AI trains down prematurely so these were removed. If driving manually, I recommend using the custom HUD which details upcoming signals and speed restrictions etc.

As this is a relatively short route, I have not placed any loco fuelling facilities. Much of the motive power in Trainz isn't set up to use fuel anyway and even a tank loco should be able to make a round trip without requiring water.

In order to achieve the effect I desired, several older tree styles were used along the route. These are not 100% compatible with N3V's graphics changes in TS12 and may exhibit some transparency or alpha channel artefacts.

The route is now available on the DLS - search for KUID 30024:100068 for the route and KUID 30024:100069 for the session.

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