Sulitjelma Railway for TRS2006

Sulmitjelma Railway - Finneid to Lomi (Norway)
The screenshots are taken at various locations along the route. Please note, extensive use has been made of detailed foliage and lineside growth to enhance the appearance of the route so you will need the appropriate hardware to get the best performance from the route.


I'm very pleased to announce the release of another route project for Trainz TRS2006, based on the Sulitjelma Railway in Northern Norway. The real Sulitjelma Railway was actually a 3' 6" narrow gauge line, running from Finneid adjacent to the Trondheim to Bodo Nordland Line, near Fauske. It ran for approximately 23 miles to the eastern terminus at Sandnes (Lomi). The real Sulitjelma closed in 1972 and the course of the line - including all the major tunnels - was converted into a motor road. As obscure prototypes go, this one pretty much took the biscuit as apart from a short section in "Railway Holiday in Northern Norway and Sweden" by H.A. Vallance there is virtually no published information about the line.

However, it was "H.A.'s" evocative description of the route which piqued my interest. What else is train simming for if not to recreate something from a bygone age and indulge the armchair traveller/historian? Luckily DEM data and suitable mapping (for Transdem) was available which was some of the battle won - the rest was down to imagination. The first and probably major compromise made was to lay the route out as standard gauge. I did consider staying faithful to the ng prototype but felt that ultimately it would be more viable as standard gauge - particularly as regards rolling stock. If you like, imagine instead of building a road in 1972, the railway was relaid as standard gauge.

The infrastructure and scenery en route is pretty much freelanced - there's not a whole lot of Scandinavian assets available for Trainz. I have made use of the built in TRS2006 Swedish track and track object content - not strictly correct for Norway but closer than using signals and signage from lower Europe. The track plan is pretty much imagined too, though hopefully close to what the prototype would have been.

The western terminus is at Finneid. In reality there was an exchange siding adjacent to the standard gauge Nordland line. My version has a spur linking Finneid with the "main" line. For constraints of time and route size I have not modelled any great section of the Nordland route. Portals represent the stations at Fauske and Lonsdal. Finneid station has been laid out with a main platform line, three sidings/loops and a loco/railcar shed. Leaving Finneid, the line follows the shore of Lake Nedrevatnet before reaching the first crossing loop at Moen (no station). Note, all the crossing loops have been set up for right hand running - you will be signalled into the loop but will need to change the exit points when ready to proceed. After Moen the line follows Lake Ovrevatn before plunging into the first long tunnel - Gronlifjell, approx 3000 metres in length. In reality this tunnel is dead straight but TRS still limits the angles at which tunnel track can be laid so has a couple of bends. As you exit the tunnel, the first intermediate halt is found, Solvik serving a small lakeside inlet (no passing loop). Almost immediately the train enters the next long tunnel, Harskolt approx 2500 metres long. The next station is Storvik, another single track halt serving a small lakeshore community. Storvik is followed by the Sjonstafjell Tunnel (3000 metres) before emerging at Agifjellet, alongside the River Sjonsta.

In early days of the route, before construction of the three tunnels above, the original line from Finneid deviated to the lakeside at Sjonsta with passengers conveyed to Fauske by steamer boat. I have included a disused spur of the old line and Agifjellet is also the second crossing loop on the line. From Agifjellet there is a long run alongside the river to Hellarmo (station/crossing loop), then Gronli (halt), Glasstunes (station/crossing loop), Sulitjelma (station/crossing loop) before the final run into the terminus at Sandnes/Lomi. In addition to the station there are carriage sidings and loco facilities and a spur to the old copper mine.


To offer the widest possible choice, the route has been uploaded to the Auran Download Station, UK Trainsim and file libraries. Note if you obtain from the latter two, you will need to use the Trainz Content Manager Plus utility to acquire the dependant assets off the Download Station.

The route can now be sourced from the following file libaries:
Auran DLS:
Search for Username Vern. The files you need are:
Sulitjelma Railway KUID: 30024:100106 (The Route)
Morning Run KUID: 30024:100107 (Session)
Lunchtime Run KUID: 30024:100108 (Session)
Evening Run KUID: 30024:100105 (Session).
Navigate to the File Library and the file you want is:


A short Wikipedia article about the original Sulitjelma Railway.
Article on (Norwegian only).

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