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24 November 2008

I'm pleased to announce the release of my first route for Rail Simulator. This is a version of the Sulitjelma Railway in Norway, similar to the TRS2006 project I released earlier in the year. The route is freeware and can be downloaded from UK Trainsim, search for File ID : 20143 . The file has also been submitted to but is currently still waiting approval.

24 October 2008

Review added for World of Subways Volume 1 - see link on left. Currently text only pending the gathering of some screenshots.

6 September 2008

There's been some major updates over at the World of Subways website. The first is a new selection of screenshots... Second is a rundown of the complete feature list. At present this is in German only, but run it through the Google translator and you cannot fail to be impressed (I particularly like the ability to move - GTA FPS style - on and off your train at stations). Finally and most important, the game has now gone to final build and they are anticipating release on or about 30th September. Yummy!

RSDL have just released a payware (£4.00) pack of vegetation and scenery items for route builders available via download from their shop. They also recently released a further patch (Upgrade 2) for their game, also available via the link above.

20 August 2008

Sulitjelma Railway for TRS2006 is now available from the Auran DLS, UK Trainsim and Visit my Sulitjelma Page for further info.

18 August 2008

My latest route for TRS2006, based on the Sulitjelma Railway in Northern Norway, is now ready and currently awaiting approval on the Auran DLS and I've uploaded some screenshots and information here.

27 July 2008

Trainz Classics 3 Review is now uploaded.

19 July 2008

My Crianlarich to Fort William route for Trainz TRS2006 has now been released. Due to the file size I have been unable to upload to the Auran DLS, therefore I have made it available at two respected train sim file libraries:

You can find it at search for File ID Note if you don't have a premium membership you can usually get into if you exercise a bit of patience.

Due to some last minute issues with signalling I had to remove the Mallaig extension, however power users should be able to merge the new route with the old relatively easily.

Other news:
My copy of Trainz Classics 3 has arrived and I'm currently evaluating with the hope of getting a review up in the near future. Initial impressions though are very good, with the route and supplied motive power representing excellent value for money.

RSDL have just announced the release of their Isle of Wight route for Rail Simulator. More information at the RSDL Official Site. Note at present the route is only available via download and not on CD/DVD. It will also cost you £19.99 which to me seems a tad pricey for a relatively short (12 miles) route with limited operating potential - certainly compared to Trainz Classics 3. However the screenshots look good and the pack will make available a host of new scenery items (which RS has continued to lack) for route builders.

13 July 2008

Some retail news today...

TML the developer of World of Subways are now accepting pre-orders for the simulation. You can do this via their homepage here. I've already pre-ordered my copy as I think this title is going to be bi-ig! TML have also put up a video clip of the sim in action which you can download and take a look at.

If you pre-ordered Trainz Classics 3, it appears the shipping has now commenced and customers should start receiving their copies very soon.

On the subject of Trainz, I am very close to completing my West Highland Stage 2 route for TRS2006, which sees the line extended from Fort William to Crianlarich. The route is now in the testing phase and while I have found a few items that need a tweak, I'm hopeful if I can get the documentation sorted release will be later this week. The route is freeware, but due to the file size it is too big for the Auran Download Station and current plans are to make it available via UK Trainsim and More on that soon...

19 June 2008

Trainz Classics 3 is now available to pre-order from the Auran Shop - release date has been confirmed as 23rd July. Cost as stated below is £13.99 though you will need to add another £4.95 to that for postage. Still very reasonable considering the route and motive power/rolling stock on offer.

7 June 2008

Some interesting news and developments from Trainz developer Auran. They have just announced that the franchise has been picked up for further development first with Trainz Simulator 2009 (TS2009) followed by Trainz Simulator X (TS-X). You can read more about the Auran plans on the Trainz Forum. Reading through the announcement it looks as if Trainz is finally going to get a thorough overhaul and update and I'm looking forward to hearing more about the plans in due course.

Still on the subject of Trainz and following on from yesterdays news, Auran have now advised the release date of Trainz Classics 3 was incorrect and it should in fact be available prior to the stated date of 23 August. They've not said or updated the order page as yet to say exactly when, but keep checking back.

6 June 2008

The long awaited Trainz Classics 3 has now been given a release date of 23 August 2008. Visit the official Auran Shop for further information. Nice price too at £13.99 for a superb looking route and motive power pack. Note the item has not yet been opened up for pre-order, presumably that will follow in the next couple of weeks.

24 May 2008

Okay, a couple of news tidbits today. First off RSDL, the Kuju spin off company now responsible for supporting and developing Rail Simulator, have just announced they have an expansion pack in development based on the Isle of Wight Island line and the heritage IOW Steam Railway. More information at the official RSDL site. Also of interest in the same article is a footnote that Upgrade 2 (patch?) to Rail Simulator is nearing completion. Now I have to confess although I sold my UK version of Rail Simulator back at the beginning of the year, I have since repurchased the US version. Once Upgrade 2 is released I plan to revisit my review and will also hopefully be able to offer a review of their IOW pack.

Veteran train simmers may recall the Eisenbahn.exe programme (or its various aliases) which has been around for some considerable time. The programme developers recently contacted me to advise they have just released an updated version of the programme, entitled Train Model Simulator 2008 (aka EEP 5.0). Now they have supplied me with a review copy which I hope to take a look at over the coming weeks and write up a feature article. In the meantime, more information at the Train Model Simulator Homepage.

14 May 2007

It's always good to hear news of a new train simulation product in development. Take a look at this site... World of Subways ... for information on what appears to be an all new standalone train sim product. The site is only in German at the moment but you can run the link through Google translation to get the gist of what it's all about. These guys are the same group who developed the Berlin Subway add-on for MSTS which was very highly regarded. This could well be worth a look if, like me, you are starting to get a bit fed up with the constant MSTS/TRS/KRS cartel.

While on the subject of subway simulators, more mature readers might be interested to learn that the recently released GTA IV contains a very realistic depiction a fictional rapid transit system based on New York City and surrounding area. Unfortunately, you can only ride the trains not drive them but developer Rockstar have created a truly authentic environment where the trains look, sound and have physics qualities (dip and sway) better than that of the three big train sims. Somewhat ironic that Rockstar unintentionally created a better simulation of train movement and dynamics as a peripheral feature in their console gamethan Kuju managed in Rail Simulator!

22 April 2008

Bus Simulator 2008 now has a UK release date of 9th May and is available for a nice price of £14.99 at So if you fancy a change from steel wheels to rubber wheels, might be worth a look.

The Trainz Classics 3 website has received a couple of updates since the last entry on here, including a very enticing Sulzer Class 24 locomotive and information on the Mark One coaching stock which will be included in the pack. Release date still to be announced but hopefully not too far off.

3 March 2008

A-Train HX finally gets a UK/Western release! This Friday 7th March sees the release of the latest version of the A-Train series, for the X-Box 360. At the moment that's the only platform it seems to be coming out for, would have been nice to see a version for the PC too. At the moment, still weighing up whether it's worth paying £300 for another console just to play one game. In the meantime, you can read more about the title (and order) from at least three of the big online retailers -, Amazon UK and Game. If anyone buys/plays it in the meantime, please contact me with your experiences!

20 February 2008

The freeware BVE remains one of the most popular and authentic train sims. Fans of UK routes would be advised to pay a visit to "Easypeazy's BVE Page", the author specialises in routes featuring the North of England and today sees the launch of an updated ECML (East Coast Mainline) Northumberland for BVE4. I recently drove the previous version (using the Class 37/4 available from Trainsimcentral) and was well impressed. This is train simming at its purist - no distraction of external or flyby views, just a superb and realistic in cab forward looking experience. As a reminder (pending me getting round to putting a page up) the BVE programme can be obtained from the author's (Mr. Mackoy) BVE Website.

13 February 2008

Well it's been an age since any update to the site, unfortunately real life issues and heavy work commitment have precluded much time for updates or writing new articles.

Top of the recent news...well, if you pop over to the Microsoft Train Sim 2 page, the developer has now uploaded a video clip of early in game footage from the game. I'm quite impressed, obviously early days and very much a WIP but a sign of good things to come etc.

As regards Trainz, well as anyone who frequents the forums will be aware just prior to Christmas the developer Auran went into administration. This has resulted in a major downsizing of the company though it seems Trainz and the support functions - Download Station and official forum - will continue to operate for the forseeable future. Trainz Classics 3 is still in development and a visit to the developer's site indicates this will offer a number of substantial improvements over existing versions of the game.

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